Shanti Software specialise in the design, development, maintenance and support of custom software solutions for the manufacturing sector. We are committed to providing the best all-round solution available to you.


Our team of senior consultants have the skills and experience necessary to ensure a successfull engagement.


Business Consulting

Our business consultants have extensive experience in anlysing and designing solutions for manufacturing companies. Our key business consultant John Hanly has been working closely with both managers and staff on the floor since 1998. We understand that in most cases you already know what needs fixing and a good idea of how you want to fix it. Our main job is to facillitate transfering your problems and ideas into tangible systems.


Software Development

Shanti Software employs a small dedicated team of professional software developers committed to producing high quality software in a timely and cost effective manner. Custom software is what we are all about - providing you with the exact solution you need to get your business running the way you want.


The development team is managed by Denis Hansell. He has experience consulting to the banking industry, managing programs of work for internet development teams made up of over 100 IT professionals and annual budgets of 20M . Since returning to Shanti Software he has focussed on scaling that experience down to a smaller more agile team.


Maintenance and Support

The success of any software system is largely dependent on the level of maintenance and support it receives. This is the key area that Shanti Software focusses on, and one that is generally the downfall of larger software companies. This is especially the case with resellers who generally don't have control over the software that they are selling.


In order to provide you with the best level of maintenance and support we ensure we maintain a small level of clients that we can look after in a personal manner.

Support is generally provided by the same person who knows your system intimately.


Any program issues are generally fixed and rolled out the same day they occur.


New requirements are implemented in the shortest possible timeframe.



Training is also a key factor in the success of any software system. We employ experienced trainers who will help get your staff proficient with the system and utilising your business investment to its maximum potential.