Maintenance and Support


The success of any software system is largely dependent on the level of maintenance and support it receives. Maintenance is essential to ensure sustained return on your investment. Shanti Software maitains a small, close list of clients each with their own code base, and as such is able to provide you with the support you need to keep your custom system working optimally. You can't get this level of support from other vendors who are simply resellers.


  • Support is generally provided by the same person, ensuring you deal with people who know your system intimately.
  • Any program issues are generally fixed and rolled out the same day they occur.
  • New requirements are implemented in the shortest possible timeframe.


Our support is a mix of

  • on-site consultation: we regularly visit our clients for face-to-face review of system status.
  • online remote support and administration: we maintain VPN access to your database servers allowing us to remotely identify any live issues and fix them on the spot. Our suport staff can literally shadow your live session and talk you through issues whilst you watch.
  • standard phone support: our technical support staff have hands-on experience and are committed to bringing you quality help when you need it most.