Pulse is built from the ground up to cover the specific needs of steel profiling and processing job shops. After almost 20 years ongoing development and refinement, it is simply the best total managment system available to this industry.






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Shanti Software - Custom Development of Workflow Management Software

Shanti Software provides custom software solutions for the Steel Processing Industry. We specialise in Workflow Management Systems that manage your entire operation from quotation, through scheduling, production, despatch, and then onto accounts.


Our primary service is the implementation and support of your own independent version of the Pulse System. As a part of this implementation we work with you to

We then program these into your system and help manage the change process.


Software Provision is a Service

Without an ongoing service based relationship, the utilisation of your system will slowly degrade, and you will find yourself dealing with increasing workarounds.


We are not a reseller of off-shore software focussed on foreign markets. We wrote the program that runs your business and hence intimately understand both it and your business processes. We maintain a continuous consultancy relationship, working together with your staff to identify and optimise your operational short-falls.

Your Own Software

We maintain a completely independent code base for each client, derived from the Pulse core. This is a unique service and our key offering. How else can a system match your specific business requirements? With an off-the-shelf solution, you are forced to add your requests to a global wish list, which the vendor might put into their annual rollout if it has been requested by enough clients, and is suitable for their generic solution.


With your own system, high priority requests can literally be implemented same day. We can hard-code different business rules for specific clients, machines, job types, etc, rather than having to create an expensive, complicated and less functional customisable solution.



Southern Steel Group


Proven Performance

Our primary partner is the Southern Steel Group, Australia’s largest privately owned Steel Company. We have been working together since 2000 to provide management systems for their steel processing operations throughout 5 states. That's almost 20 years years of profitable partnership and continous service with literally zero system outages.