Shanti Software maintains a select list of long term clients that we support in a very close manner. These clients have one similarity - they are leaders in their respective fields. They realised they needed their own software management tool that would allow them to implement their own processes, now and into the future.



Listed below are a few of our major clients. We are proud to play a part in their ongoing success.


Please call them - they are our strongest supporters ...






RPGRollpress Proplate Group Australia

We are proud to recognise Rollpress Proplate Group Australia as our foundation client. One component of this company began in 1998 as Proplate, a small steel profiling job-shop with 15 staff and an annual turnover of $1M. In 2000, Proplate decided to invest in a software management tool that would reflect their business methodology and provide the tools for personnel across the business to perform to their potential.


Over the next 6 years, Shanti Software and Proplate developed a complete scheduling and workflow management system that nurtured a sustained business growth from $1M to over $30Mp.a. Staffing rose from 15 to over 80, and customer base from 150 to over 5500. This was a true business success story, and one that we are still very proud to be a part of today.


At this point Proplate merged with a mature Steel Processing Company named Rollpress Gurr, forming Rollpress Proplate Group Australia. Some 19 years since its inception, Shanti Software continues to develop and maintain RPG's central ERP system, dynamically changing in line with their changing needs.


Mr. Matthew Stewart
General Manager of RPG Australia

M: (07) 3723 9000





Rigby JonesRigby Jones

Rigby Jones spent 10 years looking for a system that would help them implement process optimisations and generally manage their business at a higher level. They were unable to commit to any of the systems they reviewed. In 2012 they met with Shanti Software and decided they had finally found a supplier that could provide them with what they were looking for. The Rigby Jones implementation of Pulse has been such a success that the parent company Southern Steel Group is currently scoping a possible roll out to the rest of the group, some 12 steel processing companies across Australia.


Mr. Len De Lellis
General Manager of Rigby Jones
P: (02) 9772 4888





Stoddart GroupStoddart Group

The steel house framing division of the Stoddart Group has been managed by our custom ERP package since 2005. When reviewing available options they realised they needed their own package that could complement their own unique processes that had got them to the top of their field. They also needed the hands-on support of a local software company that developed and maintained their own software, as opposed to a local dealer representing a large off-shore vendor.



Mr. Wayne Tamai
One of the original owners of the steel house frames division
M: 0411 602 021





WA CuttingWA Cutting Services

WA Cutting Services have been utilising their own custom developed system for the last 8 years. After reviewing Pulse they decided to change to this more developed system that could help them increase their stock and resource utilisation.


Mr. Michael Bell
General Manager of WA Cutting

P: (08) 9434 9000





Stoddarts Steel House FramesAmity Pacific Australia

Amity Pacfic is a successfull Steel Trading company based in Sydney.

Shanti Software has developed, maintained and supported their Amtrade system since 2003.


Amity Pacific is a good example of a smaller entity realising the value of a custom software management sytem.


Owner of Amity Pacific.

P: 02 9439 1300